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"How To Kill A Butterfly" is an independent work co-written by Haley Johnson and Cate Whitlatch, directed by Justin Wilder Neese, and produced by Wilder Production in association with Atomic Focus Entertainment. The project was filmed in Charleston, SC during July of 2022, and is currently in post-production. 

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how to kill a butterfly

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Haley Johnson, 23, and Catherine Whitlatch, 20, are the writers and creators of the story, "How To Kill A Butterfly." The two young women quickly became friends after meeting on set of an independent film. They connected over traumatic and challenging circumstances that they have both dealt with in their young lives, feeling that they had finally found someone who truly related to the complexity of growing up in this generation. Haley and Catherine wanted to write a story inspired by their previous struggles in order to shed light on the silent battles confronting young people. The series navigates and advocates for mental health awareness, the exploration and celebration of one's sexuality, and the intricate discovery of self through suffering and survival. Haley and Catherine have found beauty and purpose through their own stories, and decided to create a story that inspires all people. As a voice for those silently suffering, their mission is to create a platform that advocates for kindness and attentiveness to those struggles and to encourage people to explore their most authentic selves. After reaching out to Justin Wilder Neese to direct and produce, and later Atomic Focus, the two women were able to bring their stories to life on screen. 



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